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          Shenzhen Li Xing Long electrical and mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.

             Shenzhen Lixinglong Machinery and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is the first Shenzhen hi-tech enterprise in the industry to provide the overall solution of "unmanned" cleaning. The company mainly deals with robotic cleaning system, ultrasonic cleaning machine, spray cleaning machine, industrial water purifier and automated production integration system.

          With ten years of industry experience and progressive belief, Lixinglong people actively carry out all-round technical cooperation with excellent enterprises at home and abroad in line with the business philosophy of "people-oriented, technological innovation, honest service", so that the research and development and manufacturing technology of "Lixinglong Machinery and Electricity" is in the forefront of cleaning industry and automation industry. It has passed ISO:GB/T19001-2016 IDT ISO:2015 international quality management system, and has one national invention patent and eight utility model patent technologies. At present, our products are sold to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, the United States and other countries in addition to the mainland market.

          The company is mainly divided into three business units:

          1. automotive industry equipment division;

          2. mobile phone industry equipment division;

          3. electrical appliance industry equipment division;

          Each business department has established a good market reputation in its own industry, providing professional and first-class overall solution for the unmanned production of customer's industrial cleaning, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality. At present, it has been in Dongfeng Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Passenger Car, Wuling Automobile, Leibao Gaoke, Tianma Microelectronics, Star. Star Group and other high quality customers have established good cooperative relations.

          In the next 100 years, Lixinglong is committed to becoming the first brand in the global leading solution of automatic cleaning. For this reason, Lixinglong will continue to pursue perfect quality, provide the best service, and wholeheartedly reach long-term cooperation with new and old customers to create a better future.

          About Li Xing Long
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